How to clean and replace spark plugs?

How to clean and replace spark plugs! When the spark plug wear, dirt, or gap is missing, may occur “ignition poor” situation, such as the spark plug can not produce a spark, the engine can not start or run smoothly. Once the spark plug failure will affect the engine and the overall performance of the car. Therefore, it is very important to know the working efficiency and duration of spark plugs, to do a good job of maintenance and protecting spark plugs, and to be able to clean and replace them in time when they fail to run well. Through regular inspection and timely replacement, it can help you save unnecessary repair costs.


Spark plug cleaning

The spark plug in the process of use, electrodes, and skirt insulator parts will have the normal carbon generation, should be cleaned in a timely manner. If these carbon accumulation is not treated for a long time, the accumulation will lead to electrode leakage or even failure to jump fire to a certain extent. So should be regularly (generally 3000 km ~ 5000 km) to remove carbon to ensure the normal work of the spark plug. At the same time, if the spark plug appears the phenomenon of oil pollution, should also be timely cleaning.

When cleaning the spark plug appearance of carbon and oil, to use special cleaning equipment and the correct solution, not for the sake of quick and use sandpaper, metal sheet, etc. The correct way to deal with the first special cleaning equipment will have a good cleaning effect; the second is in the use of solution cleaning, you can first put the spark plug into alcohol or gasoline soaked for a certain period of time when the carbon softened and then brush clean cool dry, so as to ensure that the spark plug exterior ceramic body is not damaged.

It should be noted that in the removal of spark plug electrode and skirt of carbon and oil, can not use the fire way. Although this way from the surface looks very effective, it is easy to cause damage to the spark plug. Because of the fire, the temperature is difficult to control, it is easy to the skirted insulator burnt, resulting in spark plug leakage, and the small cracks produced after the fire are often not easy to find, which will bring a lot of trouble to troubleshooting.

Replacement time

Spark plugs in the use of a certain number of years later, it should be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise, it will be detrimental to the engine power and economy of play. Generally speaking, ordinary spark plugs in the driving 10,000 km or 1 year after the inspection or replacement. And platinum spark plugs and iridium spark plugs can be achieved within 100,000 kilometers without inspection and replacement.

new and bad spark plug

According to the relevant research shows that, with the extension of the use of spark plugs, its center electrode extreme surface will change to the round arc shape, the side electrode is to the concave arc-shaped changes, this shape will make the electrode gap increases, and cause the discharge (i.e. spark generation) difficulties, affecting the normal work of the engine. Therefore, after reaching the rated life of the spark plug, it should be replaced in a timely manner. You can also use a spark plug tester to test the performance of the spark plug, such as AUTOOL SPT101 spark plug tester, you can intuitively understand the state of the spark plug.


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