How To Jump Start A Car?

Often the batteries of the vehicles stop working due to many reasons. Car batteries can die or lose charge if you leave or headlights or interior lights on overnight. Some reasons include system failure, corrosion of the battery terminals, charging problems, or leaving your car parked for a long time. One important reason includes extreme weather, especially the cold weather.

To jump a car, you can use the assistance of a working battery. You can either use another car’s battery or save yourself the hassle by using the AUTOOL EM325 which is a 3 in 1 Car Jump Starter. The AUTOOL EM325 is your perfect tool to jump-start a car because you don’t need another vehicle for this purpose. Normally jump-starting a car requires the presence of two people and jumper cables or clamps. On the other hand, the AUTOOL EM325 does not require another person or vehicle to jump-start your own.

There are certain things that you should pay attention to while jump-starting a car. Without the proper procedure, you can fry up the computer, the vehicles’ headlights, ruin the car battery or hurt yourself. Jump starting a car requires connecting jumper cables to the batteries terminals. You should be careful while connecting the clamps. Always make sure to connect the positive clamp first, that too on the dead car’s battery. Always keep the headlights off, or you might end up ruining them. If your car battery has died due to extremely cold weather, that means the fluids may be frozen too. In this case, never jump-start the car right away, or it could lead to an explosion. One of the most important things to pay attention to while jump-starting a dead battery is the order you connect the clamps. Always connect the jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery at first and make sure the cables don’t touch because they can ignite a spark.

Conventional Way to Jump Start a Car

The conventional way to jump-start a dead car is with a help of another vehicle. Connect the positive terminal of the cable to the positive terminal of the dead car and then to the other car. After that, connect the negative terminal of the cable to the charged car first and lastly to the dead car. Now start the charged car, wait for a few minutes and take off the cables in the reverse order. Start your car engine to ensure the dead battery has recovered.

Using AUTOOL EM325

AUTOOL EM325 has made it easy to jump a car. Simple, turn on the Start button and connect the clamps to your dead battery. Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal and the negative clamp to the negative terminal and wait for a few minutes. Remove the battery clamps when your vehicle has charged and charge your tool for later use. You can use AUTOOL EM325 even in extreme temperatures. The best thing about the AUTOOL EM325 is that you won’t have to wait for another vehicle and jump-start the car on your own. So, get your hands on the Car Jump Starter now.

AUTOOL EM325 3in1 Car Jump Starter
AUTOOL EM325 3in1 Car Jump Starter

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