A deep cleaning tool for engine carbon deposits — AUTOOL HTS558

We know that when the fuel is not completely burned in the engine, some hydrocarbon residues will be attached to the engine intake and cylinder, and under high-temperature conditions, the residues will turn into hard black shells, which is carbon deposition.

Carbon deposition will decrease air-fuel ratio, cut down engine output power, increase fuel consumption, engine a drastic shake on idle status…all these things will hurt the engine deeply. So normally we should clean carbon deposition after every 40000-50000 kilometer trip.

Autool HTS558 is a good tool to clean the engine carbon deposits.

autool hts558

What is AUTOOL HTS558?

AUTOOL HTS558 is advanced equipment that uses walnut sand to clean the carbon deposits in the engine and intake pipe,Walnut sand is a pure natural polish material, its hardness was lower than metal but higher than carbon deposition, it will clean intake pipe and backside of intake valve thoroughly but no damage. A large number of pores on the surface of walnut sand provide super adsorption capacity, non-toxic, and corrosion prevention.

autool hts558

It was hardly dissolved in acid, alkali and water.Crash walnut shell into powder, after a vigorous selection process then we get walnut sand.It show high performance in the three area: hardness, anti-pressure, wear-resisting.

Features of AUTOOL HTS558

1. Use walnut sand can remove the highly sticky carbon deposits on the intake manifold, intake & exhaust valves deeply.

2. External air source. This enables the walnut sand grit to strike the carbon deposits more powerfully and efficiently.

2. Built-in dust filte, It can separate the recovered walnut sand grit from carbon deposits for recycling.

3. Integrated design. The walnut sand grit can be sprayed and recovered simultaneously.

Why recommend you to use the AUTOOL HTS558?

AUTOOL HTS558 is a special machine for engine Intake pipe and intake valve back side clean.

Close intake valve, then spray walnut powder into engine intake via air pump(not include), meanwhile HTS558 will recycle walnut powder by vacuum.

This is a closed loop. Walnut powder will impact carbon deposition on inner wall of intake pipe. After thousands of impact, carbon deposition will be clear thoroughly.

autoool hts558

Chemical cleaning agent will corrodes pipe and shortens the lifetime of engine.

Walnut powder is pure natural polish material. It show high performance in hardness, anti-pressure and wear-resisting.

Walnut powder hardness was lower than metal but higher than carbon deposition. Take these advatages,

AUTOOL HTS558 will clean clean intake pipe and back side of intake valve thoroughly but no damage

If you are interested in this product, you can learn more details here: AUTOOL HTS558

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