The best tester to detect your car battery health

A car battery tester is a very valuable tool for every person who has a car. Having a car operating in optimal conditions requires keeping track of the health of its components to perform maintenance or replace them in the right moment. And the battery is no exception since you would not be able to start the engine if it is not working properly.

But how can you be sure of your battery health? Here is where the AUTOOL BT860 car battery tester comes into play.

car battery tester


What is a car battery tester and why do you need one?

A car battery tester is an electronic testing and measuring tool designed to verify the remaining capacity of the battery by applying a load and monitoring the voltage response of the battery. This way, the car battery tester can identify the amount of power left in the battery.

However, the AUTOOL BT860 takes it to the next level. It is designed with extra capabilities such as:

  • Performing cranking tests to verify the lowest voltage that your battery is able to maintain while the starter motor is working
  • Performing charging test to verify how much charge your battery maintains when not driving for long periods.

car battery tester

Moreover, the AUTOOL BT860 comes with real-time temperature monitoring, making it possible to determine the exact degree of influence of temperature on the battery performance.

All these capabilities make the AUTOOL BT860 a device you should have if you take your car’s operation seriously. Of course, a car battery tester won’t prevent your battery from failing, it will eventually. But having the AUTOOL BT860 will let you determine if it is drained and needs to be recharged, or it is just too weak to hold a charge and needs replacement.

Function and convenience brought by the car battery tester

The AUTOOL BT860 car battery tester comes with a series of functions that make it very convenient. These include:

  • Battery capacity test.
  • Battery cranking test, including Cold Cranking Amps (CCA).
  • Battery charging test.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Anti-reverse connection and high voltage protection to prevent the user from damaging the instrument in the event of misoperation.
  • Data storage to review previous measurements and tests. Also, data can be immediately printed.
  • Display and support for 10 languages.
  • Different types of batteries can be easily selected for testing, including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL, and EFB.

car battery tester

Using the car battery tester is very simple. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Take the AUTOOL BT860 car battery tester and connect it to the battery. The red clip goes in the positive terminal and the black one on the negative.
  2. Select the battery type on the display.
  3. Select battery capacity in the main menu. Run the test to verify it.
  4. Next, move to the cranking test in the main menu. Run the test by following the instructions displayed.
  5. Follow up with the charging test in the main menu and follow the instructions.
  6. Press print and you’ll get all the data.

Optionally, you can also verify the temperature. As you can see it is very simple and convenient as all the instructions are clearly displayed on the color screen.

car battery tester

How to protect the battery to increase battery life with the car battery tester?

The power provided by the AUTOOL BT860, knowing what is happening to make a smarter decision. Maybe you don’t need to replace your battery as it only needs a recharge. That’s a good way to increase your battery life and save money.

Another important issue may be having an overcharged battery. If you determine your battery needs recharging and you have it recharged, you can extend your battery life by verifying it was not overcharged in the process with your car battery tester.

Also, the AUTOOL BT860 is a car battery tester that helps you extend the life of your battery by letting you know how temperature variations are affecting it. With this information, you can make decisions like using thermal isolation to avoid that effect on your car’s battery tester

If you want to make sure your car battery is healthy, you need to get the AUTOOL BT860 car battery tester now!

If you have any questions about this and other products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.

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