Is it time for you to change your brake fluid?

Many traffic accidents tell us that brake safety, more important than anything else, many accidents are due to car brake failure, but few people will regularly care for their car’s brake system,. Some car owners don’t change their brake fluid for four or five years, which is a very bad habit.
Brake fluid, also known as automotive brake oil, is a functional fluid that transmits pressure in the vehicle’s brake system to enable the brake system on the wheels to achieve braking action. The main functions of brake fluid are energy transfer, heat dissipation, corrosion and rust prevention, and lubrication.

car brake fluid

Why does brake fluid need to be changed regularly?

1. Brake fluid absorbs water easily. If it is not replaced for a long time, the brake fluid will corrode our braking system and bring great safety risks.
2. The boiling point of brake fluid will be lowered after absorbing water, resulting in insufficient braking pressure, which directly affects the braking effect.
3. If the brake fluid is not changed for a long time, the deposits and impurities in the brake line will also cause the brake system to malfunction and affect the brake performance.

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How to determine whether it is time to change the brake fluid?

When the water content exceeds 3%, it is recommended to replace the brake fluid; if the water content exceeds 5%, then it must be replaced.
After a new car has been running for a year, its brake fluid may have inhaled about 2% of water; when it has been running for a year and a half, the water content can reach 3%; when it has been running for more than five years, the water content of the brake fluid will reach 7-8%.
So if the local climate is dry and the owner does not drive aggressively, then the brake fluid can be changed once every 3-4 years. If the local climate is very humid, or if you often drive through water, then it is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle, preferably once a year.

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How to change the brake fluid?

Generally speaking, brake fluid replacement requires professional equipment. If you don’t want to go to a repair store for a replacement, you can buy your own equipment, such as AUTOOL AST609, which is an excellent brake fluid replacement machine.

autool ast609 brake fluid changerSuitable for European, American, and Asian models:
One sub-pump for simultaneous oil changes, fast and labor-saving.
Adjustable pulse oil change, which can effectively clean the line and make oil change more thorough.
Powerful recycling function, while the used brake fluid can be quickly recycled. The air inlet is equipped with a water separation filter, which can separate the water in the air and avoid mixing with the oil to ensure the quality.
If you want to learn more about the product information of AUTOOL AST609, you can watch the following video:

Now that it’s winter, the brake fluid grade used before is probably not suitable for winter climate, are you ready to change the brake fluid?

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