A most cost-effective way to clear carbon – walnut sand car engine carbon cleaner

People who understand the working principle of the engine must know that carbon accumulation will have a great impact on the engine, such as affecting the air-fuel ratio of the cylinder, resulting in lower engine output, increased fuel consumption, and even damage to the engine. How to clean the engine carbon, this is the eternal topic of all car owners.

car engine carbon

Various cleaning methods

There are many ways to clean the engine carbon, each with its own characteristics, the easier way is to use some carbon removal agent, simple and convenient operation, the cost is also very low, but the disadvantage is that the effect is not very good, against the serious carbon basic ineffective. The most effective way is to take the engine off and clean it in eight pieces, which is certainly very effective, but the cost is also very high and time-consuming, the key is also very expensive, and not cost-effective.

Now there is a new cleaning method: walnut sand car engine carbon cleaner.

car engine carbon clean

Use a special walnut sand blasting machine to spray a material called walnut sand into the cylinder, the use of sand blasting machine high pressure and walnut sand itself sassafras force, the cylinder all the carbon scraped off. After the cleaning is completed and then use the vacuum pump, the cylinder of walnut sand all sucked out, which will complete the entire carbon cleaning work. This is the cleanest way to clean up carbon deposits and has the least impact on the engine. This technology was first invented by BMW and is currently the most efficient and non-destructive method; several other methods either do not clean up or damage the engine, and the number of people using them is quite small.

walnut sand

The best car engine carbon cleaner

In addition to going to a specialized repair store, you can also buy one for individual use, AUTOOL HTS558 is a good choice, the machine’s technology is more advanced and mature, to achieve good cleaning results, and walnut grit can be sprayed and recycled at the same time.

AUTOOL HTS558 car engine carbon cleaner

How to use AUTOOL HTS558 car engine carbon cleaner

1.Open head cover of AUTOOL HTS558 and pour into walnut powder (need 2- 4KG ), press dust guard on walnut powder then close cover.

2.Join spary gun muzzle and recycle hose together.

3.Remove intake manifold of engine, plug spary gun into intake, turn crankshaft to close intake valve.Then connect high pressure air pump to HTS558.

4.Connect AC power, start clean. The process should last 1-3 minutes .

5.Close AUTOOL HTS558, check up cleaning result. Normally, walnut powder can be reuse 5-10 times.

If you wish to use it to clean your car, you can watch the video below for more details:


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