Are Car Jump Starters Worth It? | AUTOOL EM315 2 in 1 Car Jump Starter

There are not a lot of things more anxiety-inducing than trying to start your car on a busy Monday morning and finding out that the battery in your car has run out of juice. What can you do in such situations? Waiting for a taxi and risking being late to the office is your best option.

Well, it does not always have to be like that. With AUTOOL’s 2 in 1 jump starter, your car will be up and running in a few minutes. It can also happen when you are away from your home, so the equipment must be compact and lightweight enough to carry around in the boot of your car without any hassle.

Why do you need a portable jump starter and a charger?

Your battery can run out due to a lot of reasons. Maybe you forgot to switch off the headlights or the music system after you parked and switched off the engine. This happens a lot more often than you might think. It is easy to forget such things when the driver is not paying attention or if they are in a hurry.

It can also happen if you leave your car in the cold for too long without using it. The batteries used in our cars are not huge fans of extremely cold temperatures, so if you live somewhere that experiences harsh winters, then having a jump starter in your car will come in handy.

But what if the battery does not start charging even after the engine is switched on for a few minutes. A faulty alternator is probably the cause, and you will have to charge your battery directly.

That is where the massive 3000-5000 mAh battery inside the AUTOOL EM315 will come in handy. It can not only jump-start the car but also charge the battery without needing to connect to a power outlet. It can be the difference between getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and having enough charge to get you home safely.

AUTOOL EM315 2 in 1 Car Jump Starter

The EM315 is a 2 in 1 jump starter and charger that you can carry in your car. It is 14.17-inch long and 9.45-inch wide, and it weighs just 14.6 lbs (6.65 kg). Jumpstarters that can also charge the battery are not that common, but one that is as compact and portable as the AUTOOL EM315 is even rarer.

The two LCDs show the current and voltage. Depending on the battery to be charged, it can be switched from 12V to 24V. It can deliver a peak current of 400A, which is more than enough to jump-start almost any car on the road. It also has a certified IP 21S protection rating, which means that condensation does not affect its performance and it is safe to handle.

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AUTOOL EM315 2 in 1 car battery jump starter

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